The right way to master contract drafting

A one of a kind online course in modern contract drafting

Being able to draft clear and precise contracts is a valuable skill.
The course teaches solo practitioners, contract managers, "BigLaw" associates, in-house lawyers and paralegals essential vocabulary and grammar used in modern contract drafting.

The course includes modules on the fundamentals of English contract law and vocabulary used in a broad range of contracts, from leases to mergers-and-acquisitions contracts. Each student will write hundreds of contract clauses which will be reviewed by qualified British lawyers.
What will the course give me?
The ability to write accurate, clear and concise contracts
An understanding of the fundamentals of English contract law
Familiarity with most common contracts used in international business transactions
Who this course is for?
law-firm lawyers and solo practitioners

contract managers and paralegals

anyone who drafts, negotiates, or reviews contracts
Data-driven and technology-driven learning

You will work with real legal texts from day one. We fed our teaching engine with tens of thousands of actual contracts to create authentic reading material and exercises.

Personalised lessons which automatically adapt to your knowledge level and learning pace.

We make use of the best available technology to deliver the most advanced learning experience through modern tools such as Anki cards, chatbots and peer-to-peer review.
How long is the course?
3 months.

You will study 10 to 20 hours per week

What level of English is required to start?
Upper-intermediate or advanced*

* - A2 or higher on the Common European Framework of Reference
Our plans
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1 week
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1 month
Your perfect start with contract drafting
1 course
Jumpstart your international legal career
When does the course start?
September 2019. Join our waiting list now to reserve a place and get a 10% discount
Join our waiting list now to reserve a place and get a nice discount.
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