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English Contract Drafting for International Lawyers

Free teaser lesson. Learn the basics of contract drafting in English.
Lawyers who can draft contracts in English command higher salaries and get more career opportunities than lawyers who can't.

What if there was an online course where you could master contract drafting in English under the supervision of lawyers from the UK and Australia in just four weeks?

That would be a game changer, wouldn't it?

Who is this lesson for?

Lawyers and students who want to work on cross-border transactions

Legal Assistants and
Contract Managers

Anyone who reads, negotiates or drafts contracts in English
What will I learn?
In just 10 minutes, you will learn some important contract drafting skills!
Contract structure
Learn the structure of a modern international contract
US style vs UK style
Learn about the differences between the US-style contracts and the UK-style contracts
Contract Titles
Learn how to write a good contract title. Is it 'contract' or 'agreement'?

Start practicing your contract drafting now!

Take our free, 10-minute lesson and get valuable contract drafting skills. Upon completion, you will receive a promo code