A modern way to master Legal English

A one of a kind online course in Legal English for non-native speaking lawyers, law students and legal support staff

" ... I did not expect this course to be so effective and practical."
– Mikhail, Russian, attorney-at-law
Data-driven and technology-driven learning

You will work with real legal texts from day one. We fed our teaching engine with tens of thousands of actual legal texts - contracts, statutes, law articles and emails on legal topics - to create authentic reading material and exercises.

Personalised lessons which automatically adapt to your knowledge level and learning pace.

We make use of the best available technology to deliver the most advanced learning experience through modern tools such as Anki cards, chatbots and peer-to-peer review.
Do you require British or US legal tradition?
You choose. If you are truly international, our course lets you know the differences in terminology which lawyers on either side of the Atlantic are accustomed to.
" ...the course has really helped me to improve my writing skills."
– Alexandra, law student
What will the course give me?
The ability to sound professional when writing on most common legal matters
An understanding of the most common legal phrases
The ability to draft and comment on most common contract clauses with necessary clarity and precision
Who can take advantage of these skills?

You, if you are a lawyer from a non-English speaking country working on international deals.

You, if you do not have legal training but are seeking a support role in a law firm or an LPO company.

You, if you often write on general business or legal matters as a reporter, copyrighter, blogger or corporate affairs specialist.
Who are your clients?
Corporates willing to train their staff involved in written business / legal communications

Law firms willing to train their non-native English speaking lawyers or support personnel

LPO providers

Individual lawyers
How will I study?

You will attend weekly live webinars with native speaking tutors. You will be able to see how your peers progress and directly ask your tutor questions.

You will study our online material, which includes reading annotated texts focused on active vocabulary and completing interactive exercises (multiple choice or free writing). Some tasks will involve you in peer-to-peer review to help memorise new things.

You will then perfect your new vocabulary by working with bespoke Anki cards and chatting with our skilled Telegram-bot.
How long is the course?
3 months.

You will study 10 to 20 hours per week

What level of English is required to start?
Intermediate or higher*

* - A2 or higher on the Common European Framework of Reference
Do you teach speaking?
No. For every call or meeting in English, you are likely to read and write tens of pages of legal text. The course is therefore focused on reading and writing - core skills for any lawyer
Do you teach grammar?
A little, but the focus is primarily on vocabulary, collocations, correct use of prepositions and tenses. You do not need to possess advanced grammar skills to read or write in Legal English, but you do need to be precise with your vocabulary.
Our plans
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When does the course start?
September 2020. Join our waiting list now to reserve a place and get a 10% discount
Join our waiting list now to reserve a place and get a nice discount.
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